The EDC PRO Lock Pick Set



New Improved!

The EDC PRO Lock pick set is our latest high quality lock pick set presented in a tough high quality pouch. Ideal for EDC (Every Day Carry) perfect for professional locksmiths, competition lock sport enthusiast and beginners alike. Supplied with five tension tools. Three TOK (Top Of Keyway) pry bars and NOW 3 BOK (Bottom Of Keyway) wrenches.

The focus of this set is SPP or Single Pin Picking and the set has a range of brand new picks ideal for just this purpose.

The PRO picks are ergonomically designed with our signature laminated handles to give the user unparalleled comfort and excellent feedback for those long picking sessions.

The picks are constructed from the finest quality high strength 291090 PSI 0.635mm 0.025" 301 stainless steels.

Our stylish ergonomic handle design was born out of a requirement for increased user comfort and durability. They are much bigger than out competitors handles. Our PRO extra wide stainless steel handles transmit maximum feedback to the user. The whole package is presented in very tough wallet with two pouches that will fit nicely in your pocket.

Contents Include-

1 x  Offset Hybrid Lock pick PRO

1 x Diamond Pick PRO

1 x Hook Number 1 Pick PRO "Small"  (Formerly known as our medium pick)

1 x Hook Number 2 Pick PRO "Medium"

1 x Hook GEM 1 Pick PRO

1 x Hybrid Curve 1 Pick PRO

1 x Reach Diamond Lock Pick PRO

1 x Reach Half Ball Lock Pick PRO

1 x 1.2mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench

1 x 1mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench

1 x 0.8mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench

NOW Supplied with 3 Tension wrenches

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Parallel 

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Medium Taper

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Small Taper

1 X CTR Lock Pick Pouch

All 100% made in the UK

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EDC PRO Lock Pick Set

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