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The Ronin Pro lock pick set is our latest premium quality 0.4mm  (0.015") gauge 24 piece lock pick set made from the finest high yield 301 available. I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to make a 0.4mm (0.015") set and I am sure they will be well received in the community. 

Inside you will find the best 16 picks available for SPP (Single Pin Picking) and all with our signature PRO handles. The handles are now spot welded at 3 points giving them  extra rigidity for the narrow gauge pick. Added to this you will find a good selection of our classic BOK and TOK tension tools including the new 1.5mm ( 0.059") Pry Bar to fill the gap between the 2mm ( 0.078") Hooligan Bar and the 1.2mm ( 0.047") Pry Bar.

This set is aimed primarily at the seasoned lock pickers at the top of their game, those who have put the time in learning proper pick placement and tension control. This is an advanced set of precision tools that will enable the skilled user to navigate even tighter highly paracentric keyways to achieve an open when anything thicker just wont work. 

During testing Tipene used a fishing analogy that summed it up perfectly I thought. He said its like trying to land a big fish with smaller tackle. You have to use more skill than brute force. 

The set contains a lot of our most popular best selling hook profiles originally designed by Tipene that most of the locksport community will already be very familiar with but now in 0.4mm (0.015").  In amongst the familiar favourites are 2 new profiles. The Cats Claw is a profile taken from a custom pick profile again made by the talented Tipene and the Deforest GEM that is a modified profile taken from the original Reach Half Ball PRO pick.  All packaged in our large bi fold pick pouch to keep your tools safely organised when on the move.


Contents Include-

1 x Hook GEM Pick PRO 0.4mm

1 x Hook Number 1 Pick PRO 0.4mm (Shallow Hook)  

1 x Hook Number 2 Pick PRO 0.4mm (Medium Hook)

1 x Offset Hybrid Lock pick PRO 0.4mm

1 x Hybrid Curve 1 Pick PRO 0.4mm

1 x Deforest Diamond Lock Pick PRO 0.4mm

1 x Reach Half Ball Lock Pick PRO 0.4mm

1 x Tipene Heavy Metal Hook 1 PRO 0.4mm (Extended Reach GEM)

1 x Tipene Heavy Metal Hook 2 PRO 0.4mm (Medium GEM style hook)

1 x Tipene Heavy Metal Hook 3 PRO 0.4mm (Flat tip short hook)

1 x Tipene Lockout Buster PRO 0.4mm

1 x Tipene Tear drop PRO 0.4mm

1 x Tipene Scimiter PRO 0.4mm

1 x Tipene Bijou PRO 0.4mm

1 x Deforest GEM PRO 0.4mm  **** NEW ****

1 x Cats Claw **** NEW ****


1 x 2mm TOK "HOOLIGAN" Pry Bar Tension Wrench 

1 x 1.5mm TOK Pry Bar Tension Wrench  **** NEW ****

1 x 1.2mm TOK Pry Bar Tension Wrench  

1 x 1mm TOK Pry Bar Tension Wrench  

1 x 0.8mm TOK Pry Bar Tension Wrench  


3 x Tapered BOK Tension Wrenches 2mm 2.5mm and 3mm Standard

1 X Bi Fold Lock Pick Pouch

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