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The CTR Lock Pick Set LITE
After the original CTR set we were asked by some of our followers in the community for a LITE version without the extra wide handles. You asked and we listened...

The CTR (Close Target Reconnaissance) Lock pick set LITE is a premium quality 14 piece lock pick set presented in a tough high quality pouch. The accessible and affordable entry level option based on the original CTR set. Again ideal for professional locksmiths, competition lock sport enthusiast and beginners alike. With a nice balance of rakes, picks a bypass tool and extractor you will find a very capable little set of picks complimented with five tension tools.

The picks are ergonomically designed to give the user unparalleled comfort and excellent feedback for those long picking sessions.

Our stylish ergonomic handle design was born out of a requirement for increased user comfort and durability. Unlike plastic and coated handles that can dull or dampen feedback our stainless steel handles transmit maximum feedback to the user. The whole package is presented in very tough wallet with two pouches.

 Contents Include-


1 x City Rake Lite

1 x Bogota Rake Lite

 1 x Snake Rake Lock Pick Lite

1 x Diamond Pick Lite

1 x Deep Hook Pick Lite

1 x Short Hook 1 Lite

1 x Broken Key Extractor Lite

1 x Straight Knife Bypass Tool Lite


1 x 1.2mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench   ****NEW IMPROVED****

1 x 1mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench   ****NEW IMPROVED****

1 x 0.8mm Pry Bar Tension Wrench   ****NEW IMPROVED****

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Parallel 3mm

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Medium Taper 2.5mm

3mm x 0.8mm Standard Tension wrench (BOK) Small Taper 2mm


1 x CTR Pouch


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