301 High Yield EPG Blades 10 pack

Style: Standard
Size: 0.5mm 0.019"


301 High Yield EPG Blades 10 pack

10 pack of replacement pick gun blades. Manufactured in the UK from  0.5mm 0.019"  or 0.635mm 0.025" 301 high yield Stainless steel. Ideal for high security paracentric keyways.

These Blades will fit all electric and manual pick guns on the market.
Select from 0.5mm 0.019" / 0.635mm 0.025" with the following mixed or standard options-

Mixed Option Includes-

4 x Standard Blades
4 x Long Blades
2 x Angled Blades
Standard Option Includes-

10 x Standard Blades

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