Size: 0.6mm 0.023"
Material: Off Cuts
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301 High Yield Pick Blanks

Due to popular demand I am now offering our 301 high yield stainless steel for all the incredible pick makers out there. This is the exact same material used for our production picks and a joy to work with. It can be polished to an almost mirror shine. Most of you guys and girls will have seen some of the absolute masterpieces created by so many talented people using the off cuts I've been sending out. Its not always possible to keep up with the requests for off cuts so I thought the time is right to offer this fantastic material for sale.

The UTS or Ultimate tensile Strength of our 301 is incredibly high at over 291050 PSI or 2006N/mm2

301 is a rolled steel product that is tension leveled but it will always have a very slight curve to it. We supply it as cut and it will have some sharp edges and a light coat of grease from production. 


Available in a 10 pack of blanks 150mm x 12mm x 0.5/0.65mm approx

Offcuts vary in size and shape but you will always get a little more material if you select this option and they will be big enough to make full tang picks 


Below is an example of one of my most favorite custom made picks. All hand made with files and saws by a legend in the pick making community Tipene Muller.  Tipene used our 301 off cuts and an acrylic pen blank to make this work of art. 

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