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Our  NESSIE PRO 0.6MM lock pick is ergonomically designed and constructed from high yield 0.635mm / 0.025" 301 stainless steel 291050 PSI or 2006N/mm2

With the signature laminated 301 handles.

A great combination that delivers optimum feedback and user comfort in a stylish rouged design. All our picks are finished to a very nice polish after around 6 hours of tumbling and they are ready to go as soon as they arrive.

The original Nessie was named and crafted by a friend of mine Steve (Tipene) Muller from New Zealand. Tipene is active in the locks port community where he has earned a reputation as a world class pick maker. Tipene hand crafts some of the best picks I have ever seen. If you are lucky enough to own one you know exactly what I mean!

This is a really useful pick and rake in one tool. Ideal for high speed entry or competition picking. Rake the lock to set as many pins as possible then flip it over to SPP the rest. Its already my favorite pick by far and will probably be yours too.

 If I had to choose to own just one pick this would be the one for me. 

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