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Another option for regular pin cylinders are the new ECHO EPG BLADES. Based on the same Quint Sinusoidal rake profile as in the Echo wave rakes and Quint Sinusoidal Pro.

In initial trials on various Euro Cylinders I've had some surprisingly fast opens using very light pulsing tension. Right across the range from low end budget cylinders right up to TS0007 3 star cylinders. While their is no guarantee they will open any and all cylinders they are defiantly worth a place in you toolbox.

These Blades will fit all major electric and manual pick guns on the market.
Supplied in a pack of 10 and made from 0.6mm 301 high yield stainless steel

Some of the cylinders opened including this 6 pin 3 Star Yale. (Formally sold as the Platinum before they went to the dimple version I think) I am told they have the same pins as the Yale 1 Star Euro Cylinder.

Maxus 6 pin opened 

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