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Now available as a dual gauge pair. You will get the original 0.635mm/0.025 inch and the new 0.5mm/0.019 inch Nessie. This is the first 0.5mm/0.019 inch pick in a range we will be introducing. Built after many requests for ever thinner gauge picks these thinner gauge picks really help to navigate those difficult paracentric keyways. It really does make a difference!

The shank on the new Nessie has a different transition from pick shank to handle to increase strength and help identify them apart.  See above image.

The original Nessie was named and crafted by a friend of mine Steve (Tipene) Muller from New Zealand. Tipene is active in the locks port community where he has earned a reputation as a world class pick maker. Tipene hand crafts some of the best picks I have ever seen. If you are lucky enough to own one you know exactly what I mean!

Order a pair today and save on buying them separately. Ideal for high speed entry or competition picking. Rake the lock to set as many pins as possible then flip it over to SPP the rest. Its already my favorite pick by far and will probably be yours too.

As you would expect the picks are constructed from our high quality super tough 0.635mm AND 0.5mm 301 stainless steel. Sandwiched between two stylish 301 handles offering strength and ergonomic comfort either way up.

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