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 The Duplex set is our first 0.6mm or 0.023" set made up of double ended picks and I think you will like them!

You basically get twice as many picks for your money making it probably the best value pick set in its class anywhere. The other obvious advantage is its roughly half the weight and that's a serious consideration for professional users where you have to consider your loadout. Ideal for a main or emergency EDC set for military/emergency services customers.

Some of the earliest examples of double ended lock picks date back to WW2 and were often carried behind enemy lines by agents of the SOE (Special Operations Executive) and the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The type of groups who had to consider every ounce they carry of mission critical kit on a covert operation often behind enemy lines. 


I had to carefully consider the selection and went for some locksport best sellers from Tipenes range of creations that won’t disappoint! I also felt I just had to add some of the bestselling rakes for high-speed entry that are well proven like the quint and quad cycloid and sinusoidal rakes based on Christina Palmers original profiles and the classic triple and twin peaks. Lastly, I've included an extractor and bypass knife to round off the capabilities of this compact set. I've sold more bypass knives and extractors than any other pick tool and that's not surprising when you know just how useful they really are. This set also comes with a pair of our Z bars that are without doubt my favourite tension tools by far. The set is supplied in our classic CTR pouch with 2 pockets.

The picks are not mirror opposites to each other but offset on the opposite side. This gives the feeling of a full tang pick in the hand making them surprisingly comfortable to use.


Contents Include-

1 x GEM / Offset Hybrid hooks

1 x Tipene Scimitar / Teardrop  hooks

1 x  Small Hook / Medium Hook picks

1 x Tipene Lockout Buster / Bijou Hooks

1 x Triple peak / Twin Peak Rakes

1 x Quad Cycloid / Quad Sinusoidal Rakes

1 x Quint Cycloid / Quint Sinusoidal Rakes

1 x Straight Knife Bypass Tool /  Broken Key Extractor 

1 x Z Bar Pair of tension tools

1 X CTR Lock Pick Pouch

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