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Our new pair of rakes have been making waves on social media ever since I posted an image of the first pair. These profiles are based on Christina Palmer's original Quint Cycloid and Quint Sinusoidal waves modelled by Christina and a group of PHDs using advanced Mathmatica software to create an awesome tapered wave effect. Christina is an amazing individual with a real passion for locksport and the advanced physics that went into designing these two incredible profiles.  

The handles are based on an idea I had some years ago and I thought now is the time to show these off to the world. They have a unique appearance with a grip feature on the face resembling the echo of a radar pulse. Not just nice to look at but it provides a really positive grip. Also on both sides are small soft serrations to provide extra grip.

Straight away in initial testing I've personally had 1-2 second openings on several padlocks they really are that good. They also work really well with a slight rocking motion too and again pop locks open in seconds. 

Our Echo wave rakes are produced in an incredibly strong 0.6mm / 0.023" high yield 301 stainless steel with a yield strength of 2100Nmm2 or 304579 PSI.  

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