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TIPENE HOOK SET PRO 0.5mm 0.019"

Here we have something really special guys. Steve (Tipene) Muller has once again custom made the originals and he sent them to me to digitize and produce the law lock tools versions. Designed for the more experienced picker battling high security locks with paracentric key ways. These are all manufactured from 0.5mm 0.019" high yield 301 stainless with a tensile strength UTS of 291050 PSI or 2006N/mm2.  All our PRO picks come with our signature laminated 301 handles. 

The slender shank allow them to navigate those difficult to access key ways. Ideal for those tricky high end Euro cylinders.

 Let me introduce you to the new range-


First we have the Tipene Lockout Buster PRO 0.5mm / 0.019"-

Next we have the Tipene Teardrop PRO 0.5mm /0.019"

 And last but not least the Tipene Scimitar PRO 0.5mm /0.019"

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